AN ARTISAN HISTORY SINCE 1989. An artisan history since 1989. Adriatica is a company powered by manufacturing experience and skills acquired in over 30 years in the furniture and quality wood and panel processing sector.

Starting out as a craft producer, it has gradually grown over time, acquiring modern production and management systems, relying on industrial technologies that could create complex furniture rich in precious details.

Cutting edges of the creative and aesthetic research, Adriatica founds its mission on the quality processing of wood, proposing refined collections steeped in elegant design, in order to make your sleeping and living areas unique and special. Strengths of the company are the experimentation and the continue research of materials and matches able to satisfy the whole differences of a constantly evolving market.

Each of its collections is the result of the ability to combine harmony, design, style and different ways of living to create personalized functional spaces.

The wide range of finishes and colors allows to propose to the client different combinations that give the opportunity to configure each interior design according to individual needs.